Killer Whale Adoption Program – Echo

Let us introduce you to Echo – the newest addition to the Oceanside Gifts Crew. Sergeant Moose, our very successful Oceanside Gifts fundraiser (more on Sergeant Moose later) was able to raise funds to adopt Echo this summer.

Echo, named after Echolocation, is a young female killer whale born in 2007. She belongs to the southern residence community of orca whales known as "J pod". As resident killer whale pods are matriarchal we hope to have many celebrations with Echo as she delivers calves and maybe, one day even heads a pod. She is a very lively calf and is often seen breaching out of the water.

The Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program supports the continuous study of killer whales in British Columbia coastal waters. The study includes photographic identification using their natural markings as well as analysing the underwater sounds that determines the relationships among the social groups.  For more information on this programme visit