Brown Pelican R36 visits Oceanside Gifts

 On December 28, 2012 a very handsome and confident brown pelican came to the front door of Oceanside Gifts! What an amazing surprise for everyone as brown pelicans are not native to our area! He had a blue tag on his leg that read R36 so with this information in hand we tried to find out more about our visitor.

R36 was brought to the San Francisco Bay area wildlife center in July 2012 with fishing tackle injuries. With a clean bill of health he was released on August 23, 2012 and is, to date, the farthest north travelling brown pelican on record!

He has travelled 900 miles so far!

The International Bird Center has a website and a contest to enter for brown pelican sightings. Go to their website for more information on their organisation and their wonderful stories of bird rehabilitation.

And you can also enter their "Banded Pelican Sighting Contest"

The Inner Harbour seems to be a new home for these stunning birds – come on down and maybe you'll get a glimpse of them!