School trips are an exciting time for students. As a parent, teacher or organizer, you appreciate the host families who welcome students into their homes and make trips possible.

Our school gift program makes showing your appreciation easy. Our experienced staff can help you find well priced, appropriate gifts for the whole group.

  • An assortment of perfect “Canadiana” to suit your budget
  • Special group package prices
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Safe and appropriate for travel

Please contact us for details. We look forward to helping your school trip go smoothly.

  1. xmas balls
  2. travel mugs
  3. sitkas
  4. RCMP plush
  5. portman dolphin
  6. orca pod T
  7. northern comfort socks
  8. maple syrup
  9. lavendar
  10. eagle
  11. ladydragon pendant
  12. driftwood orcas
  13. dream catcher jewelry
  14. canadian art print
  15. boma bracelet
  16. baby bear toque
  17. art mug
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  19. _MG_1816 copy
  20. _MG_1811 copy
  21. _MG_1795 copy
  22. _MG_1791 copy
  23. _MG_1784
  24. _MG_1764 copy
  25. _MG_1753 copy
  26. _MG_1735 copy
  27. _MG_1733 copy
  28. _MG_1717 copy