Oceanside Gifts carries over 6,000 items so it is difficult to itemize all we have to offer. We proudly carry “Made in Canada” in as many areas of the store as possible.

  • Delicious Canadian gourmet foods: wild salmon, souvenir teas, maple syrup plus maple syrup cookies, candies, caramels, fudge and more.
  • An impressive range of merchandise for the souvenir collector in your life: spoons, thimbles, lapel pins, mugs, sew on badges, magnets, trivets, coasters, crib boards, plush and more.
  • Clothing for all ages – from infant to adults – t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, socks and a wide variety of hats.
  • A wide range of nautical souvenirs and native themed products – too many to mention.
  • Toys and novelties and many “one of a kind” items not available elsewhere.
  • Jewellery that is unique, fun and “Made in Canada”

Please stop by and browse our remarkable selection or call us and tell us what you’re looking for. We are happy to find it for you.


  1. xmas balls
  2. travel mugs
  3. sitkas
  4. RCMP plush
  5. portman dolphin
  6. orca pod T
  7. northern comfort socks
  8. maple syrup
  9. lavendar
  10. eagle
  11. ladydragon pendant
  12. driftwood orcas
  13. dream catcher jewelry
  14. canadian art print
  15. boma bracelet
  16. baby bear toque
  17. art mug
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  19. _MG_1816 copy
  20. _MG_1811 copy
  21. _MG_1795 copy
  22. _MG_1791 copy
  23. _MG_1784
  24. _MG_1764 copy
  25. _MG_1753 copy
  26. _MG_1735 copy
  27. _MG_1733 copy
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