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Feather Earrings

These eye catching earrings are polymer clay slices that are inspired by the intricate nature of feathers. They hang delicately off custom handcrafted sterling silver ear wires. Polymer clay is a very durable but light medium so these earrings will feel light as feathers when worn. *2.75” (70mm) length. *size and shape may vary slightly. Handcrafted in Victoria, B.C. Canada by Wanda Shum Design.

First Nations Playing Cards – 2 Deck Set

Two 52 card decks (1 deck red themed, 1 deck blue themed) plus 2 jokers per deck, standard playing card stock weight. Packaged in a gift box which contains 2 decks. Ready for any games night! Designed by Ben Houstie - Bella Bella - "Art is my language and an expression of who I am and where I come from. Sharing my culture helps to honour and preserve it." Ernest Swanson - Haida - "Art is central in our traditions and expresses who we are as a people. I am honoured to be an artist and share our culture with the world." Allan Weir - Haida - "I am honoured to share my culture and appreciate t when people show their respect by using products that feature my designs."  

Humpback Whale Plush

Make cuddle time even more warm and fuzzy with this 15" ultra-plush humpback! Specially designed to look like the real thing and feel like a great big hug!

Recycled Glass Seahorse Suncatcher

This stunning seahorse decorates any window! Made from recycled glass on Salt Spring Island it truly is a "made in Canada" souvenir! This hanging suncatcher is a great gift or addition to your home. 6"

Wild Call Orca

The call of the wild! This 8" super soft plush orca sings just as it does in the ocean. The killer whale or orca is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family, of which it is the largest member!

Lovebirds Round Puzzle – 500 Pieces

Lovebirds. Designed by First Nations Artist Sue Coccia Finished Size- 23"x 23"

Alpha Wolf Round Puzzle – 500 pieces

Alpha Wolf. Designed by First Nations Artist Micquela Jones. Finished Size-23"x 23"

Rainbow Bear Round Puzzle – 500 pieces

Rainbow Bear. Designed by Canadian First Nations Artist Richard Shorty Finished Size- 23"x 23"

Spirit Guide Puzzle – 1000 pieces

Spirit Guides. Designed by Canadian First Nations Artist Pam Cailloux. Finished Size-27.6"x 19.7"

Big Wolf Puzzle – 1000 Pieces

Big Wolf. Designed by First Nations Artist John Balloue. Finished Size- 27.6"x 19.7"

Grizzly Bear Puzzle – 1000 Pieces

Grizzly Bear. Designed by First Nations Artist Sue Coccia. Finished  Size- 27.6"x 19.7"

Spring Already Puzzle – 1000 pieces

Spring Already Bear. Designed by First Nations Artist Micquela Jones. Finished Size- 27.6"x 19.7"